Preschool For Good About Me- Sarah Weller Photography

Hello there!  I’m Katie, wife to my amazing James, Mama to baby Max, preschool teacher turned to stay at home mom, daughter of the one true King, Jesus.  My husband works on data modeling and computer coding while I search out the best puffy paint recipe or research social/emotional learning strategies. And Max, well he’s getting pretty good at crawling and pulling up on unstable things.

Preschool For Good Family- Sarah Weller Photography

Parenting little Max is the coolest thing we’ve ever experienced and we are constantly learning more about this little guy!  Hiking is one of our favorite things do where we live in Minnesota. We love long walks in any weather. Our favorite movies to watch are nature documentaries!

Why Write?

Preschool for good…for a good future, good teachers, good parents, long commutes to work for an unpredictable day, good ideas, good help, accidents and hard phone calls to the emergency room, good name writing, good productive play, not knowing how your kids will sleep tonight, good picture books, good days…bad days…

I’ll be in preschool…for good. Regardless of the little snags and bumps along the way, I want to see the “good” in every day. There are so many days when I come home from working with kids and think “WHAT AM I DOING?!” Then I see baby Max smiling at me from his crib in the morning, or I go back to children’s church and hear “Ms. Katie! Where were you?? WE MISSED YOU!!”.  I remember…I want to be here, in preschool, for good.

But. Preschool. The early childhood years. They are hard. We need to help each other.

While teaching in the early childhood field for 10 years, I learned to value the education community around me. I gleaned significant knowledge from fellow educators and moms I met in person and preschool bloggers I followed online. I worked with musicians, scientists, moms and dads, fitness instructors, bakers, social work specialists…all to create an incredible experience for the children in my multiple infant-preschool classrooms. My students benefited from a wealth of knowledge and understanding, rather than just my own.

Let’s journey together!

Now as a new mom, I’ve realized I still need that beautiful community. I want other moms in my court cheering me on as I practice sleep training my baby. I want to be there for you as you look for skill strengthening activities for your toddler, or as you try to work in valuable one-on-one time with each of your kids after getting home from your job. Let me encourage you teachers (Hey. Moms are teachers too!) when you are pressing through the tough days or crazy standard requirements to follow.

My husband and I started going to a new church a while ago, and some young moms invited me to occasional playdates. I could not believe the overwhelming sense of encouragement I felt from them while being at home with Max for a few weeks after he was born. My spiritual heart and mind were craving support from other moms and educators (because, again, ALL parents are teachers!) like me. In 1 Corinthians 12, Paul reminds us that God created us to need each other. “…that there may be no division in the body, but that the members may have the same care for one another.” 1 Corinthians 12:25. I’ve designed this online space where we can care for each other. I hope to include others to inspire and embolden you as we teach our children together.

This is my mission: To encourage and equip you with a loving community and valuable resources you need to enjoy the preschool years for good. For the good of your children and for you.

Preschool For Good- Katie and Max

Photo credit: Sarah Weller Photography