Coffee Filter Flowers for Preschoolers

Coffee Filter Flowers for Preschoolers

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Flowers are my favorite. I LOVE fresh flowers from the farmer’s market, from my neighbor’s garden, from Target. The problem is, I am NOT a plant lady…(I am trying to learn to be!), so flowers and plants I bring home die pretty quickly. These coffee filter flowers were the perfect addition to my classrooms, and now my home as they WILL NEVER DIE. Try these beautiful process art flowers with your preschoolers!

Materials you need:

Materials for Coffee Filter Flowers

Paint the coffee filters

Your paint will need to be wet enough to bleed well through the coffee filter paper. Add water to each color before the kids start painting. Let your preschoolers paint and design their flowers anyway they want!

Paint coffee filter flowers

When they are finished with one, let the coffee filter hang dry draped over a cord or string that is hung up or on a drying/cooling rack. Let the coffee filters completely dry before moving on to the next step.

Drying coffee filter flowers

Extension activity!

If your preschooler is able to cut along lines, you can assist them in cutting petals for their coffee filter flowers. Fold the dried coffee filters into thirds and draw a petal design on the top. Cut along the line and unfold.

Cut coffee filter flowers

Attach the pipe cleaner stems

Twist the center of the coffee filter a couple of times so the rest of the filter flows up or out like flower petals. Wrap the pipe cleaner around the twisted center tightly a few times. You can add a drop of glue and wipe it around the pipe cleaner and coffee filter if you would like, but generally it should hold together. Continue this process with the rest of the beautiful coffee filters!

Stem for coffee filter flowers

Skills Strengthened:

  • Fine motor strength and precision
  • Color mixing and experimenting
  • Following directions

When creating these flowers for someone else your preschooler:

  • Cultivates empathy and care for others
  • Practices selflessness

Coffee filter flower bouquet

These flowers will never dry out, get rotten, or smell bad! You can keep them forever, a special treasure from your preschooler! Check out more of our spring activities in our Flowers and Plants Preschool Learning Unit.


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