Prayer Card for Kids: A Simple Tool to Guide You

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Little kids need to know that praying is a vital part of life. You can teach your child to seek God, no matter how young they are. It can be tough to find practical and understandable tools that can break prayer down for preschoolers.

Multiple bible studies I’ve gone through have used the A.C.T.S. acronym to guide my time with God.

A.C.T.S. Prayer Guide

A – Adoration: Praising God – Tell God how wonderful He is

C – Confession: Confessing our sins to the Lord – ask for forgiveness

T – Thankfulness: Thank God for things He has done in your life or for you and others

S – Supplication: Asking God for things for yourself and others: help, blessings, gifts, guidance…

This kind of guidance can help our prayers be focused and not get distracted with our own selfishness or things of the world. Or for a 3 year old, not be distracted with their stuffed elephant they are holding during family devotions! Giving children a starting point in their prayers can help them form their own words to God as they get to know Him more.

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I have created prayer prompts you can use to guide your prayer time with your children. You can put them on your refrigerator or near your child’s bed to give you some direction during your bedtime routine.

In teaching our children to pray, we awaken a true childlike faith in simple prayer. As adults, we complicate praying to God. Using simple tools like these A.C.T.S. prayer prompts can stimulate honest conversations with God, rather than spending our time talking at Him.

My other favorite prayer resource for preschoolers…

Check out the book What Every Child Should Know About Prayer by Nancy Guthrie. It is INCREDIBLE. I have been going through it with Max in the mornings and I have been so impacted by it! Each truth about prayer shared comes with Bible verses, a prayer prompt or application question. This resource will increase the knowledge and practice of prayer for your child, giving you the skills and truths you need in teaching your child how to pray. Some of the truths this books highlights are:

  • God wants us to talk to Him
  • Praying is more important than asking God for things
  • God’s people have always prayed
  • The Psalms give us words to pray
  • Jesus teaches us to pray

This book has been such a treasure in teaching my son about my Savior and God’s desire for us to be near Him. What resources have you found on prayer that you use with your preschoolers? Please share them with me! 

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