Rock Water Painting Kids Will Love

I remember collecting so many rocks as a kid. I would even dig through people’s decorative rock piles in front of their houses for special ones I liked. Kids are drawn to rocks and stones. I stored them in a dirty old backpack in my room and would look through them every once in a while. I took out pretty ones and kept them in my pockets. There are so many activities for kids that involve rocks. One that I loved incorporating in my classroom was rock water painting.

This is an easy, mess free, taste-safe activity for toddlers and preschoolers that will keep them engaged and is ready to use repetitively because once the rocks dry off, they are ready for new designs! No washing necessary!

The rock water painting process is very calming, as the water doesn’t always appear darker right away as paint does. Kids are mesmerized by the seeping process the water ensues as it travels across the rock. The water reacts differently if you paint fast or slow, contrary to using actual paint on rocks. Rock water painting can be an incredible sensory experience as the kids feel the weight and texture of each rock as they work.

When my husband and I lived in Ohio, we found TONS of fossil rocks! These work great for rock water painting as the water has so many crevices to fill. Smooth dark rocks work well because you can see every detail your brush strokes make. Gem rocks or geodes create a magical experience for kids as the crystals change colors before their eyes as the water rushes over them!

Rock water painting is a cheap, beautiful, mindful activity you can do with your toddler or preschooler! What other activities do you explore with your kids using rocks?

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