Top 6 Preschool Blogs to Follow When You Are Looking for Help

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Upon receiving my Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education, I was hungry for real world expertise about the preschool field. I searched online for teachers with preschool blogs, moms doing preschool with their children at home, early childhood researchers, preschool bloggers, anyone who could give me ideas and encouragement to feed my fire. Let me share with you some of my top influences I’ve found in my 10 years of teaching, real life preschool blogs.

Teaching Mama

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Angela at Teaching Mama was the very first preschool blog I found through a mutual friend we both had. Her posts and ideas were so exciting! She had been a teacher for years and was turned to a stay-at-home mom when her children were born. I had always hoped for a similar situation for my husband and I. Angela was very inspiring to me in my first thoughts about creating my own blog. I am thankful for her encouragement she gave me when I reached out to her for advice.

Teaching Mama posts developmentally appropriate and fun activities for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers. Angela shares about motherhood and her faith in Jesus, which also drew me to her blog! I have most enjoyed her activities for preschoolers and her book, The Preschool Journey; an amazing tool for parents and teachers alike. Check out her website, follow her blog, give her some love!

Preschool Inspirations

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Katie, with Preschool Inspirations, also caught my eye as a preschool teacher turned into a stay-at-home mom. Now she shares her ideas, activities, and her beautiful at home classroom with parents and teachers around the nation! Katie has incredible sensory bottle tutorials that I used to make and give to my students. I enjoy how she pulls from multiple teaching philosophies to create a learning and loving environment for her children and other young students she teaches in her home.

Katie also has a passion for outdoor play, which resonated with me. She even has her very own preschool greenhouse for the children to closely observe and participate in the planting and growing process. I have learned valuable lessons from Katie, putting different philosophies into practice.

Teacher Tom

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Teacher Tom currently teaches preschool at Woodland Park Cooperative Preschools in Seattle, WA blogging about how children learn. He challenges my thinking in some way with every blog post. His philosophy is a very progressive, play based education for young children. He works hard to create an environment where children can interact freely with the materials around them, or playing. In this play, they are creating their own personalized curriculum.

Tom sees himself as a “play peer”, getting into the children’s play with them and scaffolding only when necessary. He creates the environment with natural boundaries and “plenty of opportunities to fail”. Our kids need that, they need to learn how to deal with failure and learn from it. I believe Tom’s writing about the early years is truly authentic and unique amongst preschool blogs. Read about Teacher Tom’s philosophy and follow his blog. Your ideas will be challenged in some way!

Top Preschool Blogs to Follow
Best Preschool Blogs to Follow

Story of This Life

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Ok, ok…so this doesn’t really fall into the category of specifically preschool blogs, but is more about life with kids growing up in the early childhood years. My sister showed these guys to me a while back and I’ve literally been able to watch all 3 of their kids growing up. Esther and Thad are the husband and wife team that put funny relatable videos together to both empathize and encourage parents in the same boat. This family reaches to the heart, makes you laugh and cry, and helps you seek joy in the early childhood years!

Esther is very open with her funny, crazy, and tear-jerking stories, you feel like you are a part of their family in a small way as you walk with them through life. They love the Lord, and seek to serve him with their presence online. You will love their videos and Story of This Life is very active on social media, so be sure to check them out!

Play to Learn Preschool

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Jamie, with Play to Learn Preschool, opened a preschool classroom in her own home after teaching in the public schools for 6 years. She has her Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education and her Master’s degree in Reading Education. Jamie creates practical learning materials for preschoolers of all learning styles. She has a wonderful classroom equipped with fabulous learning centers. Play to Learn Preschool always has materials available for incredible dramatic play areas.

I have gone to Jamie’s blog and Teachers Pay Teachers shop for many resources in my 10 years of teaching. Her curriculum packets are very detailed and all-inclusive. Jamie often groups materials by themes, which is very valuable if you are new to teaching or don’t have many resources to start with. I highly recommend looking through her blog posts and incredible tools she offers to parents and teachers!

The Imagination Tree

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Anna, at The Imagination Tree, is an advocate for play-based education. She is influenced by Montessori and Reggio Emilia philosophies, which intrigued me from the moment I visited her blog. Anna is an art teacher turned stay at home mom for her Christ loving family, and play enthusiast from the UK. I have loved reading her posts using beautiful natural materials to intrinsically motivate children to learn and play, standing out in preschool blogs.

My favorite part about Anna’s work is her Kindness Elves, a growing tradition that families all over the world are taking part in. These Kindness Elves are used similar to the “Elf on the Shelf” idea, but they spread ideas of kindness and joy to the children they hide for. I participated in the Kindness Elves movement with one of my preschool classrooms over Christmas one year, what a change I saw in the children. 4 and 5 year olds were intentionally taking ideas the Kindness Elves had given them (give a hug, give a compliment, clean up a mess that wasn’t yours…etc.) and implementing with peers on their own in my classroom! The Kindness Elves project is an incredible and amazing way to teach our young children character development and how to care for others before themselves.

If you’re looking for a tradition to start in your home, check out Anna’s Kindness Elves! Your kids will never be the same!

Preschool Treasures

There are so many preschool and family blogs out there that are working hard to encourage parents and teachers! Don’t just breeze by their Facebook page, dig deep! See what resources and advice they have for you! These blogs I’ve listed for you are only a few of my favorite places to delve into. I love finding new friends that have a passion for early childhood learning!

Preschool For Good

I hope Preschool for Good can be a loving place for you to learn and explore alongside me! Do you have a favorite preschool blog? Share it with me so I can check it out too!

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